DMI Services: T-Square Tool

Our T-Square Digital Media tool provides all of the functionality of our stand-alone Media Management Console inside of a T-Square worksite by acting as a gateway to the OIT Media Repository.  Currently in the limited production stage, this tool can be added to a worksite just like any regular T-Square tool.

To add the Digital Media tool, go to the Site Info tool in your worksite, then select the Edit Tools tab.  Look for the Digital Media tool in the list of available tools, mark the checkbox beside it, then go to the bottom of the page and select the Save button to finalize your changes.  If desired, you can then switch to the Page Order tab and move the Digital Media tool to a specific location in your worksite's tool menu.

Files can be uploaded via a web based interface within the Digital Media tool, and optionally   transcoded (converted) into our standard MP4 format.  As a bonus, files uploaded via the tool are protected by worksite access controls, so they are (by default) only accessible to worksite participants.

Permissions can be adjusted by worksite role, giving course instructors or project maintainers the ability to configure the tool to best meet their individual needs.  For example, in one course, students could have access to upload new files to share with the class, while in another site, the instructor may be the only one able to upload and share files.  Files can also be hidden, allowing them to only be visible to users who have been given management access within the Digital Media tool.