DMI Services: Streaming Services

OIT Digital Media Initiatives provides media streaming services via a Wowza 2 Streaming Server.  This server supports both on-demand and live streaming of media content in an H.264 encoding format.

Please note that the current release of Wowza is version 4, and much of the documentation on the Wowza website references version 4, so some of the features and capabilities listed there may not be available with our server.  We are evaluating the possibility of upgrading the OIT server to version 3, but we do not have a timeline developed yet for any such upgrade.

Live streaming support is limited to receiving a stream from a supported software or hardware encoder and rebroadcasting it to users who would like to view the streamed event.  The department or individuals who wish to stream the event are responsible for providing and operating all cameras and encoder equipment.  A guide to using this service is being developed and will be posted here in the not too distant future.

On-demand streaming is another way of referring to the ability to play media files that have been stored in the OIT Media Repository.  For more information on how to store and access media files in the repository, please see the page about our Media Management Console.