DMI Services: OIT Media Repository

The OIT Media Repository is a 4 TB (1 TerraByte = 1000 GigaBytes) storage space dedicated to streaming media. Content in the repository is organized under a two-tier system of zones and subzones.

Zones are assigned based on the FQDN (Fully Qualified Domain Name) of the college or department requesting access to the repository, for example "".  This kind of mapping ensures that the repository can grow well into the future with little chance of any top-level name collisions.

Subzones are where content is actually stored, and all zones start with a default subzone named 'www'.  Additional subzones can be requested as needed in order to better group content by project, subdomains of the primary domain, or other factors.

The primary manager of a zone will automatically have access to manage all subzones under that zone.  In addition, the primary manager can request that other users be added as secondary managers, who can be given access to the entire zone or to only selected subzones under the zone.  There are currently no granular permissions - a user is either a manager for a zone, or has no access to that zone at all, except to play content made publicly visible, of course.

Please note that with the new playlist functionality, subzones are not needed simply to create individual playlists.  Rather, the main use of subzones is to create containers for content where each container needs a different set of managers.