Media Management Console Access

OIT Digital Media Initiatives offers two ways to access the Media Repository, and the best method to use depends on your position and project type.  Please select the option below that best describes your role and needs.

Important: You must be a current student, faculty, or staff member of Georgia Tech to gain access to store media content in the Media Repository.  Use of the repository and streaming services is limited to official academic and campus support purposes, and any use for personal profit or support of outside entities, whether commercial or non-profit, is strictly prohibited.

  • I am a faculty member teaching an official course -or-
    I am a student working on a class or research project.

    For academic courses and personal projects, the best way of accessing the Media Repository is through <a data-cke-saved-href=">T-Square.  Simply add the Digital Media tool to a new or existing worksite and you can immediately begin using it to upload and organize media content.  Content access is limited to members of your worksite by default, but can be opened up to the public with the understanding that you take full repsonsibility for any legal issues that occur by your making any media content publicly accessible via T-Square and the Media Repository.

    To add the Digital Media tool, go to the Site Info tool in your worksite, then select the Edit Tools tab.  Look for the Digital Media tool in the list of available tools, mark the checkbox beside it, then go to the bottom of the page and select the Save button to finalize your changes.  If desired, you can then switch to the Page Order tab and move the Digital Media tool to a specific location in your worksite's tool menu.

  • I am a staff or faculty member wanting to place video content on my department's web site.

    DMI offers direct web-based access to the Media Repository for departments that want to make use of OIT's streaming services to place embedded media content on their websites.  Access is organized based on the DNS domain name assigned to a department, which becomes the name of a Media Zone in the repository.

    One or more individuals in the department will be assigned as the primary manager(s) for this zone, under which one or more subzones can be created, with the primary and default subzone being 'www'.  Other individuals in a department can be given management access to only specific subzones, allowing different groups within a department to have their own private storage areas.  There are no fine grained access controls for subzones - a user is either a manager or has no access at all beyond being able to view any content in the subzone that has been made publicly accessible.

    To request a new zone for your department, please fill out our access request form, and someone from DMI should be in touch with you within one business day.