DMI Services: Media Management Console

The OIT Media Management Console is a user-friendly web-based asset management interface for the OIT Media Repository that makes it easy to upload content into the repository and then manage that content whenever necessary.  Media files in one of our supported formats can be uploaded directly through the web interface, and can optionally be sent through the OIT Media Transcoder system, which converts our supported file formats into a standard MP4 format that can be viewed on most any system, from desktops to handheld devices.

Once files are loaded into the Repository, they can be viewed within the management console and then shared via several different means.  Currently supported are standard RSS feeds, iTunes compatible RSS feeds, direct download, and the OIT Media Browser and Player.  In addition, instructions are available within the management console detailing how to embed a file directly into a web page, providing an embeded window that shows the video when the web page is loaded.

The Media Management Console is currently in limited production.  Please see our access request page if you are interested in getting access to the Media Repository via the Media Management Console.

New features as of Spring 2013 include:

  • Completely redesigned user interface that utilizes AJAX to speed up common user actions.
  • Fully functional playlist capability with option for adding a cover image to each playlist.
  • Ability for zone managers to add new subzones via the management console interface.
  • Quick navigation to any zone/subzone that one can mange via the header bar.
  • Personal workspace for each user to aide in learning about the interface.
  • Context sensitive help throughout the application via green 'i' buttons.

New features as of Summer 2011 include:

  • Ability to modify the settings on multiple files at once.
  • Full support for grouping subzone files into playlists.
  • Ability to select the default mode for uploading files ('Convert' or 'Preserve').
  • File rename tool allows for moving files between authorized subzones.
  • Enhanced user interface with extra information shown about each media file:
  • Enhanced user interface for the publicly accessible Media Browser (used for viewing content hosted in the OIT Media Repository).  The new user interface is cleaner and renders better in a wider range of browsers.
  • JWPlayer updated to version 5.5 and all embedding code updated to automatically support both Flash and non-Flash capable browsers (e.g. portable Apple devices).