Digital Video Guidebook: Sharing Your Content

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Georgia Tech's OIT Digital Media Initiatives group provides a media repository for campus students, faculty, and staff that is integrated with a custom web-based asset management system.  This system can be used on a stand-alone basis or accessed from within T-Square via a special tool that can be added to any T-Square worksite.  Stand-alone access is intended for academic and administrative departments at Georgia Tech, though it can be utilized by official student organizations as well.  For class and personal projects, the T-Square interface is the best choice - just add the tool to a new or existing worksite, and you can immediately begin uploading media content.

You can learn more about the Media Management Console in the DMI Services section of this website.

Please note that the Media Repository may not be used for commercial development work or projects intended for non-Georgia Tech entities.  If your project falls into those categories, then you may wish to look at a commercial hosting service, such as Flickr or YouTube.

Also please note that we advise against putting academic course videos on outside hosting, as doing so could cause you to have to deal with copyright and privacy legal issues.  If those issues do come up, it can sometimes be difficult to fully remove a video from an outside hosting service, whereas DMI can quickly and completely remove a file from the OIT Repository if the need should ever arrise.

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