Digital Video Guidebook: Classroom Capture

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This page is specifically for Georgia Tech faculty members

If you are teaching an official Distance Learning course, then the Georgia Tech Professional Education department will be in touch with you and will handle all of your classroom recording needs, recording your classroom sessions and making the finished videos available to your Distance Learning students.

For other courses, the Georgia Tech Professional Education department currently provides most classroom lecture capture services for campus, though a few select academic departments may provide services to their own instructors.  If you are a Georgia Tech instructor and your department does not provide these services, you can support [at] (contact Professional Education) to see of they can provide lecture capture support for you in your classroom.

Please note that only certain classrooms are equipped for lecture capture, so support may not be available in your current classroom.  If you are interested in lecture capture, talk with your department's course scheduling administrator to see if you can be scheduled into capture capable classrooms in future semesters.

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