About Digital Media Initiatives

Digital Media Initiatives (DMI) is a workgroup in the Office of Information Technology.  The goal of this workgroup is to develop tools that will help the Georgia Tech community to better utilize electronic media formats, in particular video formats that can be streamed across the internet.

Streaming means to send only the portion of a stored video file that the viewer currently wants to see, rather than the viewer having to download an entire video file before being able to view it.  Streaming allows a viewer to quickly watch a small portion of a very large recording, and even jump around in that recording with minimal delays.  Streaming can also be used to help prevent unauthorized copying of video content, as it is more difficult (though not impossible) for a viewer to obtain a complete and usable copy of a streamed video file.

Many formats have been developed over the years for recording video content.  DMI currently supports the MP4 format as its standard video storage format, but also supports the playback of many common Windows, QuickTime, and RealMedia formats.

The current primary project for DMI is the development of a user friendly Media Repository Management Console, which offers a web based interface into the multi-terrabyte disk storage system that DMI has available for campus video storage.  Through this self-service interface, members of the campus community can upload, transcode, manage, and play back video files.  The first version of this new system was released at the beginning of spring semester 2011, and a notable upgrade was released for the beginning of summer semester 2011.